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Batiks Teal, White and Grey Cotton Bedding Set

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A mystical Batiks Teal, White and Grey Cotton doona bedding package.  Designed for use with our "Bunny Hampton's Bed", “Bunny Ears Single Bed” or can be used with the "IKEA  Duktig bed'.  It can also be used as a floor pad, bedding or lap pads.



  • One Batiks Teal, White and Grey Cotton which encases a soft thick doona.  Dimensions 55cm x 73cm. 
  • One large Batiks Teal, White and Grey Cotton  pillow case with polyester filled pillow insert.
  • One medium soft touch grey cotton pillow case with polyester filled pillow insert.
  • One Batiks Teal, White and Grey Cotton Polyester filled Bunny.



         Cold machine wash. Line Dry.    





 One soft fleece covered mattress with a foam  core for extra softness, warmth and absorption. This mattress does not contain PUL, but can be purchased separately. Mattress: approx 49cm" x 47cm" Add on price with this bed package $10. 


 **Bed displayed is our custom made "Bunny Hampton's Bed" and is available for separate purchase.** 

**Set can also be made to fit Bunny Bunk Beds**




 It is available for immediate use.
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