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Scary Doll and Scary Clown Cloth Face Mask

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** These masks are not medical grade masks.**

Each mask is made of three layers of material. The outer layer is made of 100% cotton.  The middle layer is made of polypropylene, and the the inner layer is made from 100% cotton. Ear loops are black elastic.

These masks may assist to avoid bunny fluff/fur from tickling your nose when grooming your bunny.

Face Masks come in a variety of sizes XS - S - M - L -XL. 

To ensure you have a suitable fit for your face mask, measure from in-between your eyes (the deepest point at the top of your nose), going over your nose and down to the point of your chin.


XS   3-7 years 10 cm
S     7-10 years to small adult 11.5 cm
M    Adult 13 cm
L     Adult 14.5 cm
XL   Adult 16 cm


Cold machine wash. Line dry.


 With any handmade items, slight imperfections may occur with size, material colours and shades

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