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Double King K Castles with Bridge and Ramps

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The Ultimate in Bunny living! 

The Amazing Double King K Castle with two towers, a connecting bridge and two ramps. 


Let your bunny be the king of their Castle, with hours of endless entertainment.


Not only does your bunny get to keep lookout over his kingdom, there is also a great little 

hideout under each tower for your bun to have a nap or keep watch incognito.


This by far, is our most extremely popular item which never disappoints.


 It is available for immediate use.
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Please note: The Castles can not be regularly shipped due to their size and nature. 
** These items are made to order and as such there is no refund if you change your mind once product has been produced. **
A tower is 635mm high, 455mm wide and 335mm long there are two in the set.
A ramp is 600mm long and 210 mm wide, there is one ramp per tower, and to connect the two towers is a bridge which is also 600mm long and 210 mm wide.
Maximum width left to right is 1415mm and front to back is 940mm that is with the two towers and bridge between them and the ramps running out of the towers to
**Pet Product only**
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