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Guinea Pig Ply Wood Hay Feeder with Litter Tray

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Guinea Pig Hay Feeder

Tired of seeing all the Rabbits get the good hay feeders?  Well, not anymore!  Now your Guinea Pig can enjoy their very own!

Designed similar to our existing Hay feeder range, made out of Plywood and pine. Which means, Guinea Pig safe!  Our hay feeders are durable and strong, allowing your piggies to eat their hay without it being contaminated and keeps it contained. Plastic litter tray is included!

This product is comes fully assembled. Just lift up the top wood lid, place your fresh hay in the hay feeder compartment, close the lid.  Place your desired litter matter into the litter tray and pop it into your Guinea Pig’s area. And you're all set!

Dimensions are approx; Width - 35 cm Length - 39.5 cm Height - 18.5 cm

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